Jie Qi Improves on a Childhood Classic with 'Electronic Popables'

 - Oct 18, 2009
References: hlt.media.mit.edu & ohgizmo
Pop-up books are the best tool to get a child to start reading. Who knows what my reading level would be had it not been for these awesome attention-getters?

Jie Qi, with assistance from others in the the MIT Media Lab, has created ‘Electronic Popables.’ The book incorporates lights for an even more interactive experience for the reader. Just know that the author of ‘Larry the Lightning Bug’ is freaking out right now because of ‘Electronic Popables.’

I have no doubt in my mind that ‘Electronic Popables’ will be all over preschool kindergarten classes in the near future. Check out more on the amazing pop-up books at the links below.