The Electronic Cigarette Infographic Weighs Pros and Cons

This electronic cigarette infographic details the pitfalls of smoking tobacco and the power of new-age, smoke-free replacements.

Detailing the demographics and tendencies of regular smokers while highlighting the benefits of quitting with the help of electronic cigarettes, this is a persuasive piece of content with some compelling figures. This chart highlights the cost differences, the portability of electronic alternatives and the downright awful impact of tobacco smoke.

Beautifully designed with relevant and attractive graphics, this content is both nice to look at and filled with important statistics. One of the most helpful aspects of the electronic cigarette infographic is that it breaks down the way in which these gadgets work, something that few people understand.

Whether you're a smoker or not, you will find the chart is a worthwhile read on the basis that it contains simply interesting, health-conscious material.