The Electrolux Hover Bot Cleans Every Surface of Your Home Automatically

 - Oct 25, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Despite looking rather like the terrestrial turtle, the Electrolux Hover Bot concept is completely out of this world. Designed by Sneha Ashok, the cutting-edge appliance flies about your living space and spruces up everything for you. It can be set to routinely monitor the rooms of your home, alerting you whenever a certain area needs special attention.

Clap when you'd like the propellered vacuum to prepare for your instructions and it will project a display onto the floor. With your foot, tap the symbols that correspond to your desired commands and the Electrolux Hover Bot will get back to work. The innovative cleaner is eco-friendly, lightweight and long-lasting; its carbon fiber nano materials even act as a battery, decreasing its weight as it depletes.