Elecom U2H-YS4B Offers a Convenient Four-Way Connection

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: audiocubes & gadgetsin
Computers are limited in USB port spaces, so to make things a little easier, the Elecom U2H-YS4B was created to allow for multiple plug-ins.

Those with multiple gadgets will have four extra ports open while using the Elecom U2H-YS4B. What’s interesting about this power hub is the integrated switchbox option. On the top side are four switches that will help users determine which device they want to sync with their computers, and which ones to leave off. This allows anyone to disconnect their USB without having to do so from the hub itself. The built-in LED will notify the individual which devices are in use, and which ones are not.

The Elecom U2H-YS4B is available in either black or white.