'El Vacio' By Gogy & Nikolai Rose Explores Various Mediums

 - Aug 23, 2012
References: dazeddigital
'El Vacio' By Gogy & Nikolai Rose is a show of artful multimedia utilization. Using video, print design, photography, music and scent, the installation is mean to be emotive to spectators. Salvator Dalí was the inspiration for this project, using a theme that borrows from the dream-like aesthetic of surrealists. The title is a reference to Dalí's fascination of the dark grey space at the top corner of 'La Meninas' by Diego Velázquez.

"It is the obstruction of references to the concrete, grounded, physical world. Everything is questionable, nothing definite," explain the artists of their work. The journey throughout their installation focuses on the grey area to emphasize the beauty of chaos. As the spectator experiences the confusing atmosphere, they are forced to think beyond conventions and focus on emotion.