Jamie Munro Discusses Eco-Friendly Products That are Transforming Trash

 - May 1, 2013
References: youtu.be
Creations like these eco-friendly products demonstrate how manufacturers and humanitarians are managing to attract the interest of environmentally savvy consumers.

Whether you like thrift store shopping, dumpster diving or collecting other peoples' trash off the side of the road, there's no denying that re-purposing old and discarded objects is now considered a cool and trendy thing to do. However, as this list goes to show, re-purposing refuse products is also an environmentally friendly method of consumerism that can also greatly benefit humanitarian and ecological needs too.

From eco-friendly iPad covers to the Landfill Harmonic project that sees trash being turned into musical instruments, re-purposed eco-friendly products are presenting new and greener ways for consumers to go.