The EcoCool System Deligates Two More Useful Uses for Used Water

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: ardavanmir & yankodesign
The EcoCool System suggests a pair of uses for grey water. Both go hand-in-hand, yet one of them is remarkably inventive with respect to the more common schemes that engineers have proposed.

The drain in the base of your bathroom shower collects all of the soiled and soapy liquid that passes from the faucet and down over your skin. It's collected into a 30-liter reservoir that's been equipped with a ceramic depth filter. During the next phase, the slightly cleaner H2O is sent through a slender 15L water tank, installed about 2.5 meters above the floor. Here it begins to trickle down through an elaborate trellis of decorative tubular tiles.

While being continually filtered in this framework, the water decreases in temperature and the lattice becomes a resourceful air cooler. The end of Ardavan Mirhosseini's process sees the EcoCool System supplying a planter of interior vegetation with a drink.