Kinetic Energy Powers Wind-Up Lighting Units

 - Nov 17, 2009   Updated: Jul 7 2011
References: yankodesign &
Industrial designer Kenan Wang has overcome the need for batteries with his hand-crank wind-up lighting. The prototype Eco-Twinkle-Light is recharged with human energy when a hand-crank is turned to deliver a recharge. Rotating the handle transfers causes energy to be delivered to battery storage to light the device.

The Eco-Twinkle-Light is also a pencil-sharpener. After all, the crank is already there, why not get a little extra function from it?

Implications - In the last few ytears, there has been a movement towards eco-friendly products. One of the best ways a company can engender goodwill from the media and environmentally conscious consumers is by investing in practical Green products. In doing so, the company can explicitly market itself as a company on the forefront of environmental protection.