The e/b Company 'Seat' Installation is Composed From Hundred of Chairs

 - Aug 14, 2012
References: eboarch & laughingsquid
The e/b company's 'Seat' is a giant installation which is composed of hundreds of chairs installed in Atlanta in Freedom Park. The park is known as an art park and the perfect setting for e/b company to create this eye-catching piece.

The installation almost looks like a portal to another world with its wave-like shape and simple lines. It's made from approximately 400 wooden chairs and takes up quite a large area of the park.

The e/b company's website explains a bit about the concept behind the piece, stating that: "Sitting enables the detached observation of our lives in space and time, whether it’s to look upon the buildings we inhabit, or look out from them, towards the cultural milieu that surrounds. Sitting enables a perception of the other and beyond opposite the inclusivity and interiority of our personal spaces that we carry with us."

Ironically, you shouldn't sit on the piece -- after all, it's art.