These Eau Ecarlate Renovator Ads Adopt a Comic Strip Approach

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: herezie & adsoftheworld
These Eau Ecarlate Renovator ads illustrate the importance of keeping your clothes looking as new as possible.

Using a comic strip-like design for its campaign, these Eau Ecarlate ads were created by the Herezie advertising agency in Paris, France. Each ad features a different profession which largely relies on maintaining their appearance, like a conductor's black coat and a rocker's dark leather jacket. The first panel in the comic strip is at the ideal shade of darkness while each subsequent one continues to fade until the Eau Ecarlate Renovator steps in and restores the color once again.

The ads are also accompanied with the copy "Don't let it fade." Even if you're not a conductor or rockstar, you can probably appreciate this product's ability to keep your clothes looking new as well.