Pain-Free Ear Travel

 - Nov 4, 2008
References: proidee & gizmodiva
We've all been there: that awkward state when the pressure changes and your ears get blocked, and you try a variety of strange techniques, like trying to induce yawns, or plugging your nose and blowing until you think your eyes might pop out of your head.

Well, my frequently travelers, there's a new gadget in the house which I must introduce you to. Designed by Melbourne-based Tinnitus, The Ear Pressure Equalizer is a little gadget with an ear piece and a pump that's easily transportable.

"The Ear Pressure Equalizer sucks air from the outer ear canal creating a slight vacuum, which gently pushes the eardrum back into its original position," Gizmodiva explains. "Just simply place the gadget in your ear canal, press the yellow membrane, and let the gadget work for you."

So it would work perfectly on the plane, and would even be handy to keep in the car for those hilly drives, just don't get caught using it next to a cute member of the opposite sex. I can tell you right now, the The Ear Pressure Equalizer is incredibly un-sexy.