The Dyslexie Font Makes Learning and Living Easier for Many

The amazing Dyslexie font has the ability to make learning and living easier for thousands of people.

Dyslexie was designed for people who suffer from Dyslexia; Dyslexia makes it very difficult to read as letters are flipped and duplicated. Students and adults are faced with the challenge of reading letters that seem as if they are from another language. The Dyslexie font aims to change this, as each letter has been designed specially for dyslexics. Some are thicker on the bottom to prevent them from flipping, while others have taller segments to prevent confusion with others.

The Dyslexie font is a genius design which will improve the lives of many.

Implications - Citizens who suffer from ailments face certain challenges throughout their days. These consumers require products or services that will cater to their individual needs, and improve their lives. Companies can cater to certain niche markets by identifying their specific needs, and manufacturing products that will benefit them.