Wake up to the Deadly Dynamite Alarm Clock

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: fredflare & gadgetsin
Waking up to the Dynamite Alarm Clock isn't all bad, as long as you remember that it's not a real bomb and that the bad guys probably prefer the use of C4 explosives anyway.

The cartoon-styled Dynamite Alarm Clock is reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote's weapon of choice when it comes to blowing the Road Runner to bits. It's got the classic explosive look complete with three detonators and three colored cables wired to the LED display. Both the snooze button and control panel is set below the display for easy settings. When the alarm goes off, it'll actually go "beep beep beep BOOM" just to add a level of authenticity to this hilariously quirky novelty item.