This Beautiful Rooftop Park Sits on Top of a Dying Mall

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: thehillsatvallco & fastcoexist
California developers are working on a plan to turn a dying mall into a beautiful garden-topped venue. In recent years, malls have become a less popular shopping destination for consumers. This new project aims to reimagine the traditional shopping mall structure by turning it into a welcoming outdoor space.

The Vallco Shopping Mall is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, yet it is largely empty inside. To revitalize the area, developers plan to add the largest green roof in the world to the existing structure. The area surrounding the mall will also receive a face-lift. If approved, the area will be outfitted with space for a farmers market, running trails and even an orchard. The goal is to turn the dying mall into a community hub, rather than simply convert the area into a newer shopping center.

The project demonstrates that suburban lifestyles are slowly shifting and existing infrastructure will need to be adapted accordingly.