Dwell III by Cally Whitham Captures Honest Country Homes

 - Jul 19, 2013
References: cally.co.nz & trendsnow.net
The photo series titled Dwell III by Cally Whitham, a photographic artist hailing from New Zealand, romanticizes rustic residences. It does so in order to open people's eyes to the things that really matter. As written on the photographer's website, "[These are] the honest homes of the countryside or rural towns that we pass by on our way to somewhere better; homes built before we needed more floor space, indoor/outdoor flow, multiple bathrooms, intensely landscaped gardens and 'resale' value."

Given a warm filter, Dwell III by Cally Whitham gives these homes a nostalgic vibe as though we were looking at a series of vintage photographs of long-gone houses. In a way, these homes are relics of a past that can only be revisited in these special ways. The future brings a new way of living.