Thomas Kluge’s Painting of the Dutch Royal Family is Troub

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: businessinsider &
This newly unveiled painting of the Dutch Royal family makes them look more like the Adams than the Glücksburgs. The portrait was painted by artist Thomas Kluge to celebrate the 150th anniversary of The House Glücksburg. If you look closely at the characters in the portrait you’ll see that it looks more like something that should be on the poster for a horror movie instead of kept at the royal palace.

The older couple on the couch are Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik, her husband. Behind the family is another painting of the outside of the palace. In the very front and center of the portrait is the most uncomfortable figure. The representation of Prince Christian is absolutely frightening. He is the crown prince and he apparently is very burdened by that prospect. He already has bags under his eyes and looks a bit like the Emperor from Star Wars.

The rest of the Dutch royal family is there as well. In the top corners are the children of the Queen with their spouses, and in the bottom corners are the Queen’s other less important grandchildren.

I guess the important less to take away is no matter how important you, make sure your portrait isn’t painted by a Tim Burton fan.