Washington, DC Switches to Google Docs, Sorry Microsoft

 - Oct 13, 2008   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: techradar
Washington, DC offices are changing to Google's open source applications for their documents and spreadsheets instead of paying money to Microsoft. Instead of paying for expensive programs like Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook, 38,000 employees will now us Google Docs, Google Mail, Google Video for their work.

The deal is worth about $500,000 to Google, but is a tremendous blow to Microsoft's dominance of office applications.

Implications - The capabilities and significance of Google have grown substantially since its inception and extend far beyond just a search engine. With its growth as a business and owner of popular sites such as YouTube and Netflix, consumers and employees in industries from entertainment to media and news all the way over to programming and education require this tool for the vast majority of Internet needs.