‘Drumstooled’ Combines a Drum Throne & Drum Kit in a Single Setup

 - May 14, 2014
References: tweakdrum & gizmag
While guitarists are generally thought of as the most high-maintenance (read: diva) musicians of any band, drummers are doing their best to catch up with innovations like Drumstooled, a drum throne that has a kick drum and reverse pedal attached to it. It is the brainchild of French drummer, musician and music teacher Patrice Bardin.

There are two versions of Drumstooled—the first comes with a 6 mm-thick acrylic shell with a chrome-plated drum hoop and transparent head, while the second comes with an American Maple shell, wood drum hoop and a white head. The acrylic Drumstooled has a built-in LED system that adds further pizzazz to live performances.

Both versions have height-adjustable drum thrones, but the Maple model’s version is covered with fancy faux leather instead of acrylic.