This Kooky Invention Lets Drivers Turn Steering Wheels into Drum Pads

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: ritwsmackattack & bitrebels
Have you ever tapped your hands on the sides of the steering wheel as if they were drum pads when stuck in traffic? If you have, then designer Gregor Hanuschak has an awesome gadget for you.

Dubbed the 'Smack Attack,' this device mounts on any standard steering wheel and turns the sides into fully functional drum pads. The Smack Attack syncs with an iPhone or any other iTunes enabled device to reproduce the sounds of the drum pads and even save your steering drum pad creations.

What's best about this device isn't that it allows drivers to rock out, but it could actually be a boon for in-car safety. The Smack Attack would allow drivers to relieve stress in bad situations in a more constructive manner without taking their eyes off the road. Also, it could be used to help the driver stay awake on long road trips as well. That second point is probably much to the chagrin to fellow passengers, but they'll get their turn when it's their turn to drive.