- Jan 19, 2007
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Why bother learning to drive in a car when you can learn how to drive entirely online? is the largest online drivers ed site. It features DMV approved content and interactive courses all online.

How do you think it helps teens to have an onlinedrivers ed course? expands the universe of students that can take drivers education because our all online offering allows for convenient scheduling of both time and place. has a disproportionate number of students from two main groups: 1) Overachievers, and 2) students from rural areas. Overachievers have a particularly hard time fitting drivers education into an already cramped schedule. AP courses in the morning, football practice in the evening, away games during the breaks and summer internships make it impossible for high achieving students to coordinate a classroom drivers education course. allows those students to take all or any portion of the course on their own time and at there own place. Those students in rural areas of the US may not have a private driving school in the area, at all. may offer the only “local” drivers education opportunity.

How does this work? How many users have passed the online examination/test so far?What are this service's larger social implications? is a complete drivers education all online. Upon graduation, students receive an official DMV recognized certificate of completion that makes them eligible for their learners permit. Our successful course graduates numbers in the many tens of thousands and are primarily from the eight states where offers official certificates of completion: California, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida and Texas.

What are this service's larger social implications? makes it possible for more American teens to receive quality drivers education before getting behind-the-wheel. The course is Flash-driven, fully animated with interactive case studies in both 2D & 3D, online movies, quizzes and a final exam. is always available from anywhere with an internet connection and offers 24/7 customer support. Compare that drivers ed experience to spending a summer in a make shift classroom in some strip mall with a P.E. teacher making an extra buck for lecturing at 30 fifteen year olds at 8am. Pedagogically, it's clear that a dedicated, animated and interactive one-on-one drivers ed course is perfectly suited for today's teen. expands the universe of potential teen drivers by making drivers education more available. And better prepares those teen drivers for the road by using the latest in Internet technology to actually TEACH.