The BeanPlus System Steeps Cold Brew Coffee With Slow Drip Technology

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: thegadgetflow & thegadgetflow
The BeanPlus is a simplified take on the cold brew system with an innovative drip technology that renders the coffee a robust and rich flavor without the need for overpriced gadgets or tools. Instead, the BeanPlus offers a much more affordable appliance that is ideal for individual use and brewing café-quality beverages.

The system is designed to be much more streamlined than fancier brewer systems, without the need for a powered motor. The BeanPlus is a compartmentalized cylinder that features a filter in the centre and an ice bath overtop. As the cold water moves through the filter, it pulls out the flavor from the beans using cold water and slow drip technology. This ensures the beans retain their flavor without turning bitter. The system is ideal for making one or two cups of cold brew at a time.