This Drinking Mug Depicts the Colors of the Aurora Borealis Using Warmth

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: thinkgeek & boredpanda
Adding an element of interactive artistry to morning coffee is the Aurora Borealis drinking mugs that use heat-activation in the design to depict the mountainous dawn light phenomenon. As a warm beverage is added to the cup, the illustration on the side of the mug slowly appears showcasing the Northern Lights.

The Aurora Borealis lights are a natural effect that occurs near either the poles of the earth that showcase red and greenish streams of light appearing across the night sky. The fluidity of the light show is showcased in the thermal mug designed by retailer Think Geek. The cup showcases a landscape of the mountains on a black ceramic surface. When warm beverages such as tea or coffee are added to the cup, the streams of color appear on the side of the mug to depict the Aurora Borealis.