Double Life by Kelli Connell Appears Believable

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: kelliconnell & mymodernmet
Double Life by Kelli Connell is a series of fascinating photographs that look like a real relationship between two middle-aged women. This collection of photos captures the women in public and private places embracing and gazing over at one another. After paying careful attention it becomes clear that Kelli Connell has integrated two pictures with the same model into one photo, and duplicated the model in various poses to create a false relationship.

To create these photos Connell "scans and manipulates two or more negatives in Adobe Photoshop." This constructed reality brings up various issues surrounding gender, identity and sexuality as it shows an intimate relationship between two women. Connell is currently a teacher at Columbia College in Chicago, and images from Double Life have been included in various solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States.