Doppelganger by Didier Faustino Perfects Your Lip Lock

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: didierfaustino & gizmodo
If you or others question your kissing skills, it would be compelling to discover whether or not the Doppelganger by Didier Faustino improves your smooching abilities.

The unusual double-sided mask has been designed so that two people must wear it at once -- this being the only way it would stay on your face anyway. Four curved projections on each side of the object ensure that it rests correctly on, and a small hole joins the two halves as a way for two pairs of lips to meet.

The structure of the odd disguise places two people the ideal distance apart from each other, setting up the perfect tender peck. Far from being very romantic, the Doppelganger by Didier Faustino is a great prop for practicing your mouth-to-mouth moves, preventing the means to use too much tongue, for instance.