The Dooney & Bourke Bags Feature Drawings of Popular Star Wars Characters

The luxe Dooney & Bourke bags offer Star Wars fans and fashionistas a stylish way to incorporate their fandom for the sci-fi saga into their everyday wardrobe. The totes, purses and wallet designs by the high-fashion house offer a tasteful and artistic interpretation of the galactic film series.

The bags feature the opulent Dooney & Bourke silhouette with a wide base, all-around zippers and good quality leather detailing in the straps and handles. The totes are then covered in an artistic pattern of Star Wars illustrations showcasing characters, text and symbols pertaining to the galactic universe. Such popular characters such as the Sith Lord, C-3PO, R2-D3 and Chewbacca all make an appearance in a series of simplistic and colored decals.