The Don’t Kill My Vibe T-Shirt Reprimands Negative Nancys

 - Apr 15, 2014
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The ‘B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ T-shirt warns cynics, skeptics and all-around misanthropes to stay away. The words come from Kendrick Lamar’s wildly popular song of the same name, but they might as well be a 21st-century motto for millennials.

We’ve all been there: you’re sipping on a gin and juice, trying to enjoy the music, and one of your friends is being a major Debbie Downer. With a continuous stream of complaints, a sourpuss expression and a gloomy mood that hangs like a blanket over everybody, they seem hell-bent on ruining the night.

Don’t risk the chance of somebody destroying your well-deserved buzz; take pre-emptive action by donning the ‘B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ T-shirt. I guarantee it will make Negative Nancy’s think twice before they open their mouths.