The Doggie Doo Game Encourages You to Engage in Toilet Humor

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: neatoshop & neatorama
If you're questioning the title of the Doggie Doo Game, I assure you it's exactly what you think it is -- but more children-friendly and thankfully, hygienic.

The quirky, humorous and straight-up strange Doggie Doo Game is comprised of a Dachshund, shovels and a pail. The whole idea of the game is to encourage you to go towards the dog's behind and pick up its business after you feed it a mold that comes with the package. It poops when you squeeze the handle on the leash and for that extra bit of toilet humor, the canine actually makes fart noises. Looks like a fun activity for the little ones; but for your sake, I hope the kids don't actually go toward an actual dog's behind and try to play -- it'd be a lot harder to clean up.