This Dog Toy is Designed to Look Like a Dismembered Corpse Foot

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: thinkgeek & droold
If you're looking for the perfect dog toy to give your canine best friend, this comical plastic foot is a funny way to make it look like your puppy is chewing on the rotting corpse of an evil zombie.

This hilarious dog toy is made from squishy vinyl that is soft on your puppy's teeth but won't wear away with age. The chew toy is cleverly shaped just like a human foot except this foot clearly belongs to a zombie because of its mint green flesh. Along the ankle of the foot is a bloody exposed bone so that it looks like your dog ripped this foot right off of an evil zombie monster.

No one will want to mess with your dog when they see him or her chewing away on a zombie foot. You'll have the toughest guard dog around town.