- Apr 2, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: a.viary
Aviary has launched a very cool web-based time machine application, Dodo.

The online application, which works with any browser, allows you to age and de-age people, places and things from any browser. Pick something or someone and see how they would look like in the past or future. You can even change seasons and control many parameters.

"Dodo is incredibly simple to use: Just upload an input picture, choose between different settings that might affect the aging process (i.e. amounts of alcohol and tobacco consumed), set a year and hit generate. Obviously results will vary, but under strenuous laboratory analysis we have found a margin of error of only +-11% (unprecedented performance for time machines in general, let alone web-apps)."

Implications - The consumer fascination with time and aging has persisted throughout decades, and is a commentary on what human being consider beautiful.