Printable Hermes Kelly

 - May 10, 2008
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Stop fantasizing about owning the much-worshiped Hermes Kelly bag and get one of your own! This is even better than buying it from the boutique because you actually get to customize it by choosing the pattern.

While it's probably not exactly what you had in mind when dreaming of the status bag, this DIY tote is still officially branded by Hermes!

The print-out bags can be cut out and designed to match any outfit you have... although I don't suggest putting anything heavier than a cheque inside. I'd also avoid any time of adverse weather, that includes mild winds and any type of rain... or humidity for that matter.

Very cool that they're embracing the DIY movement, but I'm actually surprised they aren't offering a contest in conjunction. That would be a really great way to engage with the brand! If Hermes offered me the chance to win a Kelly or have my design go into production, you bet I'd be busy designing for Hermes all weekend!