Create Your Own Enticingly Glow in the Dark DIY Galaxy Sweatshirts

 - Dec 16, 2012
References: instructables
The mysterious contours of space can now find its way on your clothing without breaking your bank courtesy of the DIY galaxy sweatshirts tutorial.

Rather than splattering your entire black sweatshirt with blue and purple swirls representing the cosmos, only certain parts of your garment are highlighted. Paint is placed onto a sponge and dabbed onto the cotton material of the sweater. You must start with your darkest color first and work your way to the lightest. Use white as a glaze to create a misty effect on your clothing. Glow in the dark paint is used to create little speckled spots.

Don't forget to draw on some stars and planets on your DIY Galaxy sweatshirts for a bit space pizzazz.