Diving With Crocodiles

 - Oct 3, 2007
References: spluch.blogspot
First it was swimming with sharks... and now we have diving with crocodiles!

If you're a thrill seeker and like to check out the wilder types of tourism, you have to visit the Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshoom, South Africa. The ranch invites travelers to swim in steel cages surrounded by Zimbakwe, a 14ft long Nile Crocodile, and his slightly smaller female companions, Ma Baker and the somewhat disarmingly named Sweet Sue.

These ferocious beasts could be very dangerous if you weren't caged; in the video clip you can see a Nile Crocodile react on his hunger when faced with Wildebeests.

Only £20 ($40) for ten minutes, and you could taunt a croc too!