The Divide Speaker Comprises Two Amps That Separate for Surround Sound

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: yankodesign
The oddly shaped Divide Speaker was designed to assume nothing about the particular size and arrangement of the room in which it might be placed. This compelling concept for a piece of audio equipment can be kept as a single unit, or separated into a pair that might be distanced in a space.

Covered in cork and wool felt, the two parts of Leu Aurelian's nesting amplifier set fit into each other thanks to grooves, protrusions and exposed pins. Together, they can deliver great sound quality, stacking up to take a smaller footprint in cramped homes. Alternatively, the Divide Speaker's sections can be positioned for surround sound in different corners of a room. The multi-directional 85mm and 70mm speakers communicate easily with Bluetooth technology.