Dissonance by Karen van Binsbergen Juggles Mismatched Aesthetics

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: karenvanbinsbergen & trendland
Dissonance by Karen van Binsbergen, a 21-year-old stylist and director, finds a quirky balance between mismatched aesthetics. Although it is a fashion photoshoot first and foremost, the still life can easily be considered art as well. A well groomed hand is captured dusting cigarette ashes on a sunny side up egg in one image while in another it is in the background as a martini glass with a limp pickle steps into the limelight.

Shot by photographer Tyson Ernste, Dissonance by Karen van Binsbergen is as full of peculiarity as it is pastels, and that's saying a lot. The young stylist describes the photoshoot as "a contrast between classical/chic and raw/dirty elements." Ironic and clever, Trendland points out, "Even the use of mirrors seems to nod to the tawdry display of one’s "refinements" on social media."