This Disposable BBQ Provides an Eco-Friendly Grilling Solution

The 'EcoGrill' is a disposable BBQ that serves as a sustainable grilling option for eco-conscious consumers. While BBQing is a popular pasting for many consumers, an outdoor grill is not the most sustainable way to cook a meal. This BBQ uses ancient cooking techniques and natural materials in order to provide a more sustainable grilling solution.

The EcoGrill is a disposable BBQ, which is made from a small tree stump that has been filled with sustainable Alder charcoal and a natural resin wick. The idea of using a hollowed out tree stump as a grill comes from the ancient Nordic tradition of burning stumps for cooking and smoking food. Although the tree stumps used are light and compact, the unique design maximizes the longevity of the charcoals inside and prolongs the burning time. As the charcoal burns, it will eat away at the edge of the BBQ. As a result, there is no waste left behind after the grill has been used.

The eco-friendly grill provides a natural way for consumers to cook food outdoors even when space and resources are limited.