Artist Sam Tsui Turns Disney Princesses into Game of Thrones Characters

Although both the Game of Thrones and the Disney Princesses are technically about fantasy and escape, they could not be more different.

What makes these drawings by artist Sam Tsui so interesting is not just the use of two well loved fandoms, it's how fundamentally different they are from each other. While both Game of Thrones and the stories about the Disney Princesses are the same, what sets them apart is that one created the classic narratives of fantasy, and the other smashed them down.

Aside from the jarring juxtaposition of innocence and cruel reality, these characters just look so cool. Sleeping Beauty is Cersie, Cinderella is Catelyn Stark, Bell is Margeary, Snow White plays a sassy Shea, Tiana is Meera Reed, Jasmine is Ellaria Sand and Ariel is Melisandre. The two best are Repunzel as Sansa and Mulan of Brienne of Tarth, because they have so much in common with the GOT character they are dressed as.