Disney Princesses in Real Life Might Not Make the Best Friends

 - Oct 23, 2014
References: youtube & refinery29
This hilarious BuzzFeed video proves that Disney Princesses in real life aren't all they're cracked out to be. At least, not if you happen to be their best friend.

If you're the bestie to a princess, you're almost 100% guaranteed to get the short end of the stick. When they're not searching for their one true love or basking in the glow of their many admirers, these self-absorbed princesses are probably dealing with (read: repressing) their many mommy/daddy issues. Seriously, almost all of their parents are, as they say, "inexplicably absent or horrifically killed." Yup, sounds about right.

The hilarious video parodies Ariel, the hoarder; Pocahontas, the passionate gluten-free vegan; and Jasmine, the shoplifter, among others, in amusing sketches that culminate in an exasperated sing-along.