Citron's Artistic Disney Posters Depict Cute Animal Relations

Illustrator Citron's latest Disney posters are absolutely adorable in their depiction of some of the cutest and tenderest relationships throughout the Disney films. Using a solid-colored background, Citron manages to avoid making these posters seem too busy. In fact, the only designs on display on these posters show a silhouette of two separate characters, with the film's title resting just above or below them.

Citron's cutest design is probably that of The Lion King. This poster's background is a deep, mustard yellow. The silhouette of Mufasa is splashed over this yellow hue in an orange color, with Simba resting as a yellow figure cut directly out of Mufasa's silhouette. The delicate minimalism prominent in these posters makes for some subtle romantic tendencies that will definitely evoke some nostalgia in Disney-loving viewers.