- Jan 24, 2008
References: disaboom & adrants
Launched in autumn'07, Disaboom.com is the first interactive online community dedicated to helping people with disabilities or functional limitations to improve their lives. It also works as an online resource for families, friends and coworkers of the more than 100 million adults worldwide living with physical disabilities of any kind.

The founder of this inspiring project is Dr. Glen House, who is himself a tetraplegic. Now doctors use the website with their patients, where they can find answers, resources, friends, and even sex tips and guidance. This last tool has been agressively communicated in Facebook thru and ad which invites to ask Angela, "a disabled cutie", about her reflections on sex.

Disaboom.com definetively stands out in the online communities market and is giving a clear example of how the internet and technology should be used by people and not only marketeers.