The Dirty Wall Project by Kane Ryan is Absolutely Inspiring

 - Jul 3, 2011
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Kane Ryan has been traveling to developing countries for over eight years, and in 2009 launched a one-man charity called the Dirty Wall Project, which aims to "see a need and fill it."

He was inspired to start his own organization after visiting an orphanage in India. Since then, the Dirty Wall Project has provided over 3,000 people with access to doctors and medicine, helped 176 people get tested for HIV/AIDS, served 2,500 meals, funded six emergency surgeries, funded a school/community center in Mumbai and turned a garbage dump into green space for sports, among many other moving projects.

The 29-year-old Canadian runs the Dirty Wall Project and travels alone, allowing him to develop relationships with the people he meets on his travels -- he has even employed 100 locals to work in orphanages, slums and health camps.

As he travels, Ryan keeps a blog, and shoots stunning photographs that capture vibrant glimpses into the lives of the people he meets. He sells these photos as part of the Dirty Wall Project, and along with each image, offers short stories on who or what is shown in the image, really breathing an extra level of life into his work. Every penny from the photo sales, and from donations, "is spent entirely on filling the needs of the people I meet," he says on his site.

"I have discovered that one person can make a difference and that is truly exciting," he says.

You can check out Ryan's blog here or follow the Dirty Wall Project on Twitter: @dirtywall.