Dirtsa Studio's Science Pillows are Cushions for Keeners

 - May 27, 2011
References: etsy & cmybacon
Don't stress if you're cramming the night before your big university biology exam; instead, rest your head on one of Dirtsa Studio's science pillows and let the knowledge seep into your noggin'.

Dirtsa Studio's science pillows are the perfect cushions for keeners! These throw cushions are as comfortable as cotton balls and can be washed and dried with ease. The pillows are decorated with scientific stitched scenes, similar to diagrams you'd find in a school textbook. These plush pictures range from anatomical animal images to the various stages of meiosis. Place these pillows around your room for constant cushy science tips and facts, or simply fool your friends into thinking you're a proton prodigy!

Dirtsa Studio's science pillows make geeky gifts for atom-fiending friends or chemistry-crazed kids.