These Prehistoric Buildable Lamps Fold Together Like Origami

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: gadget.brando
These DIY dinosaur lights are rewarding because before you can enjoy the glow from an extinct Pterodactyl, Diplodocus or Triceratops, you will first have to build it. These dinosaur lights come in a kit with instructions and everything you will need to resurrect a light source of your own.

The puzzle pieces are made from a lampshade-like material that is able to withstand the heat from a lightbulb. When you have completed the puzzle and constructed one of these dinosaur lights, the finished product looks like folded paper.

People who like to take a hands on approach to life will find these lamps gratifying. Once you put together one of these puzzling prehistoric dinosaur lights and plug it in, you can tell everyone you brought it to life.