Hong Kong's Amazing Toys Creates a Playful Prehistoric Game

 - Jan 15, 2015
References: amazing-toys.hk
One way to make a typical toy cheaper is to swap that material used such as is the case with this particular dino toy. Instead of plastic, this dino toy is made out of paper, which gives children a chance to get a little crafty during play time. Interestingly enough, the toy has a ferocious appeal, which will help such a crafty game appeal to more masculine kids.

Created by Amazing Toys in Hong Kong, the dino toy depicts a prehistoric T-Rex that moves realistically as well. Easy to make, children will enjoy the added challenge of assembling the dino toy themselves. It is particularly relevant now with the highly anticipated 'Jurassic Park' movie recently announced. Yet instead of purchasing expensive licensed toys, parents can treat their children to this creative one.