Dilka Bear Paints Serene Portraits of Girls With Bulbous Craniums

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: behance.net & behance.net
Dilka Bear has painted some really intriguing portraits of young girls with heads much too large for their own bodies. The paintings are quite whimsical, as the characters look like they could be a separate race of magical creatures.

Most of the girls that Dilka Bear has painted have an indifferent and uninvolved demeanor. For the most part, each character is paired with an animal from a giant moth to two Siamese cats.

The outfits that Dilka Bear has her stoic characters wearing are more reserved and old fashioned. Check out the featured gallery to see just a few of the many big-headed characters Dilka Bear has created. Could you imagine if people's heads were really that big in real life?