This Digital Animal Art from Etsy's Retrowhale Shop is Visually Bold

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
Animal art is a favorite among Etsy's creative community and this digital tiger print from the website's retrowhale shop is no exception to the tradition.

The visually vivid art piece is adorned with a tiger illustration that reads the words "I will eat your face for sport". While ferocious at first glance, the quote is hilarious when compared to the art piece's other imagery that includes a fringed carpet and a party hat that is worn by its fierce tiger subject.

Whether you are into unconventionally romantic gifts or animal art in general, you are sure to love this digital print from retrowhale. The animal art canvas is made by artist Kelly Puissegur and is printed on a "300 gsm museum quality paper with fade resistant pigment inks."