Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes Builds a Walkway in Normandy

Dietmar Feichtinger Architecture firm has built a winding jetty connecting to Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy. The island has a castle structure in the middle, making it an appealing place to visit for tourists.

The jetty itself recognizes the beauty of the surrounding area, and avoids taking a direct route to the island. Instead it's elevated slightly off the water, and curves leisurely allowing people to enjoy the views and not rush through the experience. Another reason as to why the bridge was built was due to a water flow issue, and this way the sea is able to flow underneath the jetty and not cause a backup.

Visiting Normandy just got that much better thanks to this jetty by Dietmar Feichtinger, making a trip to Mont Saint-Michel a must when traveling. Photo Credits: designboom, feichtingerarchitectes