Diane Victor's Paradoxical Lithograph Series Mixes Societal Fab

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: art.co.za & artprintsa
Designed in one to three colors, Diane Victor’s lithograph series will get you thinking and mesmerized.

Taking on issues of China’s relationship to Africa, migrant labor, the poaching of rhinos and sexual exploitation of woman, Victor’s fabled artistic representation will reach deep into your soul. From ‘The lion who loved the lady’ to ‘Miss September,’ this lithograph series take symbolic meanings in Chinese and African cultures and mixes them together with a startling twist. For instance "Migrant Labour (Flying Horse)," tells a story of three African mineworkers on a Bronze Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow, sculpted 2000 years ago in China.

If you’re a lithograph fanatic you’ll truly be drawn to Victor’s cross-cultural messages and moved by her pieces.  Victor’s paradoxical mixing of cultural concepts is truly amazing.