The Diamond Lamps by Sebastian Scherer Sparkle with Lighting Bling

Exploring different shapes in lighting fixtures, these Diamond Lamps by Sebastian Scherer add a geometric dose of bling to home decor.

Sebastian Scherer has created optical illusion lamps that toy with size perspective depending on where they are viewed. The German designer's latest brilliant diamond light fixture collection boasts color options in black, white, silver and metallic gold. A stunning array of playful lighting is the result of the intricate design.

With their ultra-modern look and their unconventional gem-like aesthetic, these lamps demand attention. The pendant fixtures are perfect for adding a dose of bling to interior decor due to their metallic diamon-like appeal that glistens in the light. With their absolute rhombus like shape, they boast an allure of futuristic glamour. These creations are more than enticing to those partial to sleek modernist decor.