The 'Turn On Detroit's Water' Campaign Helps Settle Water Bills

'Turn On Detroit's Water' is a crowdfunding campaign that allows donors to help pay for the water bills of families in need. The project was developed by Tiffani Ashley Bell and Kristy Tillman after a bankruptcy judge ordered Detroit's water authorities to find a solution for the payment of overdue bills.

The way the Turn On Detroit's Water campaign and website works is pretty simple. People who owe $250 or less to the Detroit Water and Sewage Department enter their information and account details, all of which is verified by the Detroit Water and Sewage Development. On the other end, donors input their email and receive the account holder's information so they can pay off their bill.

Donors can specify an amount they would like to donate if they can't pay for an entire bill. Corporate accounts are not allowed, so only individual families in need can draw water from the campaign well.