Scientists are Working on Cash Detection Devices to Stop Drug Smugglers

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: & fastcoexist
In an effort to sniff out drug smugglers coming into the United States, Silicon Valley chemical engineers and the Department of Homeland Security are developing detection devices that can find large wads of money. Specifically designed to deal with Mexican drug cartels -- which results in an estimated $19 to $29 billion of drug proceeds crossing the border -- this money-sniffing device tracks the smell of cash in great amounts.

According to KWJ Engineering President Joseph Stetter the particular odor comes from a combination of linens, inks and chemicals which leave a residue on the bills. Previously Stetter developed detection devices that consisted of a carbon-monoxide sensor chip placed on a stuffed panda bear. The more current technology could also replace drug-sniffing dogs, who are expensive and have the added expense of food attached as well.